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Be the leader of the pack!

Published on 12 August 2020

Here’s the muscle you CANNOT ignore

The hip flexor. In fact… there are 2 😉

Quick at-home hip flexor workout.

  • 4 exercises
  • 1 minute for each movement, with the right leg
  • Rest 30 to 60 seconds
  • 1 minute for each movement, with the left leg

Voilà, 1 set—you can do 2 or 3 sets in all.

The exercises | always with a little extra for maximum efficiency

1. Sumo squat, wide legs, “duck” feet | add a lunge at the end of the movement

2. Side lunge | add a leg lift when returned to a standing position

3. 1 legged deadlift | Then bring your  knee forward 90 degrees

4. Lateral leg lift while lying down | Pulse leg

With this routine, no one will be able to catch you!