10 ways to cool off without a pool

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How do you survive a heat wave without a swimming pool or air conditioner? You get creative! Check out these tips and fun games that are sure to refresh young and old alike:

Tips to stay cool

1.Cold mist
Keep a spray bottle filled with water in the refrigerator. A few spritzes to the face and body are all it takes to instantly improve your comfort. Don’t forget to slip the spray bottle into your backpack when you hit the road!

2. Freezer bags
Place one or more small pillows or therapeutic packs (such as a Magic Bag) in the freezer for a few hours before going to bed. When you’re ready to turn in, place them on your mattress for a cool, comfortable sleep.

3. Cold meals
A great way to cope with a heat wave is to avoid … hot meals! Instead, opt for some cold soups (gazpacho, vichyssoise, borscht), tartarssalads or light sandwiches. It’s also a good time to try out a variety of refreshing treats such as homemade popsiclessorbets or smoothies.

4. Cool breeze
To temporarily lower the ambient temperature, put some water bottles in the freezer for a few hours, then place them in front of your desk fan. They’ll instantly cool the projected air and improve your comfort.

5. Urban jungle
To cope with really hot days, why not “go green” inside your home and on your balcony? Plants effectively absorb heat outdoors (thank you, creepers!) and shield your entrance from light and heat when positioned near windows. 16893660813517418
Adorable little girls playing with a sprinkler in a backyard on sunny summer day

Water games without a pool

6. Heat wave pinata
You’re probably familiar with the classic version of this game – the name originated in Italy – which involves hitting a papier mâché container filled with candy. Create a summer version by replacing the pinata with a water balloon. Goosebumps guaranteed!

7. Wet Head Challenge
Form two teams. A member from each team takes a turn walking a predetermined path while balancing a glass of water on his or her head. If the water spills, the person must start over from the beginning. The team that transports all of its glasses of water over the finish line first wins.

8. Cool shirt
Want a really refreshing challenge? Hold a few old T-shirts under running water, wring them out, then put them in a bag and place them in the freezer for a few hours. Once the shirts are frozen, hand them out to the participants. The person who puts on his or her shirt first (without being frozen stiff!) is the winner.

9. Water balloon classic
Armed with an equal number of water balloons, two teams square off. The object? To hit as many of your opponents as possible. Those who get hit (and drenched!) are eliminated. The team with the greatest number of dry members at the end of the round wins.

10. Water limbo
This simple activity involves replacing a regular limbo stick with a jet of water from a garden hose. You’ll want music for this one!