100% active month challenge

Category: Activities

2 mins

As we know that your little ones are full of energy, we are sure the 100% active month with Hydrafruit will be successful in your family! During this month, take the opportunity to get outside and be creative in your activities!

We must not forget that the month of May remains one of the first months when the weather is most beautiful before the hottest weather! To make the most of it, we suggest a few ideas for additional activities to do with your little ones.

defis 100 hydrafruit 01

Choice # 1: Canoeing. 

It’s nice and warm? Why not prepare for a great day in the canoe and explore the national parks, magnificent rivers and lakes that are part of our territory! Go on a discovery trip, and why not have a family picnic for the occasion through the activity?

Psst.Be sure to make sure the whole family has flotation equipment for a glitch-free activity.

defis 100 hydrafruit 02

Choice # 2: Yoga. 

Thismight surprise you,but yoga isn’t just for adults! 

Practicing yoga brings you invaluable benefits and will be a great activity enjoyed by the whole family! 

Here are some ideas for positions to move, stretch and relax your minis.

defis 100 hydrafruit 04

Choice # 3: Swimming. 

A summer classic: pool games are a must! Are you looking for ideas or just want to suggest new games to play in the pool? Here are a few:
Aquatic petanque: Try to throw a ball as close as possible to another. Collect points for more competition.

  • The aqua races: each player must make his ball cross the water without  touching it: he can blow or make it move forward using a wave. The first to get to the other side wins. However, if a player touches his ball, he must retrace his steps and start over.
  • A relay of the aquatic word: From one ear to another, words are transmitted, but also tend to be distorted! Try it underwater to see: the result is always very funny.
  • The ball shot: The player who will have succeeded in making his ball cross without touching it to win! Use your imagination to make it move (blow, water gun, etc.)
  • The fishtail: each player slips a scarf or a piece of rag behind their swim trunks: this will be their fishtail. The goal of the game is simple: collect as many rags as possible, while keeping your own.
defis 100 hydrafruit 03

Choice # 4: Soccer. This popular sport will undoubtedly be a winner! You can change the formula by including obstacles or a penalty shootout competition. The important thing is to move!

Finally, here are some other ideas for family activities:

  • A ride by bike, scooter or roller skates
  • Go pick berries
  • A day at the beach
  • Visit a farm
  • Go fishing
  • Take a tree-to-tree course
  • DIY and/or paint; bring out the artist in you!

We wish you lots of family moments!