JO McSnow, the snowman

Category: Activities

It’s a snow day and it’s just about time to find something to amuse the kids. So, here to save the day… OJ McSnow! This arts & crafts project will keep them busy, long enough for you to find your Zen mode (OK, maybe not THAT long!)

To realize this incredible snowman, you will need:

  • 1 empty Oasis 1.5L
  • White paint or any other colors of your choice
  • Your favorite paintbrushes
  • Nontoxic liquid glue
  • 1 bag of cotton balls
  • Any other accessories your imagination is thinking of (Buttons for eyes, carrot for nose, googly eyes, etc.)

The steps:

  1. Clean the bottle and remove any packaging stickers
  2. Paint the bottle with the color you chose to create! Don’t be shy to be creative and to design your personal other details.
  3. Glue cotton balls over all the bottle to create the snowman shape
  4. Use your creativity and assemble all the parts in a way of creating the beautiful snowman ever dream of! Don’t hesitate to add accessories, color, or any details you want. Let your imagination guides you!

Have fun and be proud to share your result with us!