Ride, at your own pace

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Does the idea of ​​going up endless hills or hurtling down slopes at full speed dampen your motivation? No worries! Mountain biking is more accessible than you might think. Year after year, beautiful spots to ride are increasing in number and in accessibility. The popularity of this beautiful sport means that the offer keeps getting broader, so there really are trails for all levels and all preferences.

Picturing yourself climbing endless, steep hills? 

A lot of trails are cross-country; going up and down through the forest. No need to push yourself to extremes to enjoy it fully. Oh and, by the way, taking breaks is essential, at any level.

When it’s time to go downhill—same thing jumps—drops and sharp turns, those take time. If you don’t feel comfortable on a trail, just walk next to your bike for a bit, then hop back on. Simple and safe (and way more fun than a crash). 

Road bikes may seem more accessible, but we must not forget that learning to control your bike in the middle of the forest, far from cars and others using the road, is much less intimidating for many.

Add to this the fact that mountain biking allows you to go from intense physical effort to relaxed contemplation in nature, it’s both a very individual and very social activity. Meet at the trailhead, bring some snacks, your favorite drinks 🧃, and make your way to the top for a well-deserved break, or meet in the parking lot to end your outing in good company.