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Make you beer blush!

Published on 26 October 2020

Cranberry juice like you’ve never tasted it

With its lovely bitterness and seductive reddish tint, here’s a simple drink that is as good for the taste buds, as it is easy on the eyes! 

Let the refreshing mix of white beer and cranberry juice surprise you!

1 pale ale + Oasis cranberry juice to taste

And because everybody deserves their fair share of this delight (including little ones), here’s an equally appealing version for your underage guests:

Junior version: Ginger ale + Oasis cranberry juice to taste

Oasis cranberry juice – A delightful boost of vitality 

 In addition to providing 100% of your recommended vitamin C intake, Oasis cranberry juice provides you with the benefits of antioxidantsCranberries promote an increase in “good cholesterol”, which acts as a “cleanser” for the walls of your arteries.

Because juice is not just for the sophisticated cocktails with loads of ingredients, and because beer can look chic too 🙂