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5 ways to revamp the classic lunch box!

Published on 19 October 2018


Back to school season has finally passed, and routines are in full effect! The days are certainly hectic, from running a household to being a great mom, being inspired for your little ones’ lunches doesn’t come easy. But don’t worry, we’ve thought of five different ways to revamp their lunches!

1. Nothing is as boring as a plastic bag for snacks and sandwiches, let alone they are far from being eco-friendly. Thankfully, there are a bunch of companies that have released reusable bags in a lot of sizes, and the best part is they come in trendy patterns and styles! Check out, you won’t be disappointed!

2. Fruits are a necessity in everyone’s lunch whether big or small. We know kids can be fussy eaters, and certainly overlook the importance of eating fruits. Make fruits cool by drawing a funny face on the peel of a banana or a jack o’lantern on a tangerine! Trust us, the other kids will be jealous of the mom who took the few moments to spice up a boring peel!

3. Sandwiches are always great for those days you either snoozed a moment too long or when the kids were a handful getting up and ready for the day ahead. Why not try to make them fun by using cookie cutters? The best part, there are so many different shapes, from animals to cars! No matter what interests your child has, there is a cookie cutter special for them!

4. With the snow about to arrive, bring the winter fun to their lunch boxes by decorating our juice boxes into snowmen! It only requires paper, buttons, ribbon and a few colour markers! See here for the directions.

5. Last but not least, save room in their bulky lunch boxes by freezing Oasis 200ml juice box. Not only will it keep their lunch chilled but if it is not fully thawed by lunch, it makes agreat healthy slushie!

There you have it, some creative ways to spice up an average lunch box and make your little one feel extra special!