Oasis, voted as the most trusted fruit juice brand in Canada!

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This is the first time Oasis has topped the list in 10 years and it is a great recognition from Canadian consumers. Oasis, products for Canadians, made by Canadians!

About BrandSpark Most TrustedTM Awards

BrandSpark International celebrated 10 years of the BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards with the release of the 2023 Most Trusted consumer products and services brands in Canada. The winners were determined by a national survey of 15,878 Canadian shoppers who gave their top-of-mind, unaided answers as to which brands they trust most and why in categories they have recently shopped. The 2023 edition is the largest study of its kind, with 222 consumer products and service categories.

Ten years ago, the BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards were born out of the observation that trust is a top influence on shopper behaviour and plays an integral role in the relationship between brands and consumers. “Although shopping behaviour is continually affected by external factors, like inflation and the shift to online shopping during the pandemic, consumers continually trust brands that deliver great service and quality,” said Robert Levy, President and CEO of BrandSpark International.

According to the BrandSpark® Canadian Trust Study, the quality of a product is the key factor consumers consider when it comes to trust, with price being another important driver. While inflation has changed the landscape of consumer goods and services, this year’s trust study indicates that consumers are still willing to pay a premium for brands that provide high-quality products and services.

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Oasis is a brand that has been part of Canadians’ daily lives for over 40 years. It offers a complete line of 100% juice products, with fresh ingredients, no added sugar and an unequalled taste. For every moment of pleasure, there is an Oasis juice.

Oasis, 100% juice – Brighten up every moment of the day. With a wide selection of no-sugar-added flavours (we promise!), dive into a deliciously different juice every day.

Oasis Smoothie – The perfect complement to your busy mornings. Made with pureed and ripened fruit juices, our smoothies are packed with great taste and goodness to start your day.

Oasis Health Break – Fruit, but even better. Take a break with delicious, functional fruit juices to optimize your diet and enjoy life on your own terms. Give your body a healthy break!

Oasis Hydrafruit – Refreshment without compromise. The perfect refreshment for your healthier lifestyle, HydraFruit contains 60% less sugar than the leading regular fruit juices (and nothing artificial, we swear).