Your Oasis — at home

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Care to guess which plants are infused in our refreshing bottles of Oasis Infusion? We use our very own process, so we WON’T reveal everything, but here’s a glimpse.

  1. Fruits, flowers and herbs are carefully selected by our experts—plant lovers, of course!
  2. Each tasty mix is placed in large porous pouches, similar to enormous tea bags. These pouches are then infused directly in large juice tanks filled with cold water. Then, when ready, just like tea, the pouches are removed. 
  3. Then, just to enhance the flavour of this lovely dose of nature, less than 35% of real Oasis fruit juice is added to the mix.

Three trendy flavours

  • Strawberry + Hibiscus + Basil
  • Tangerine + Lemon + Thym
  • Lemon + Ginger + Honey

You don’t need to roam very far to cultivate your inner peace.