3 healing herbs and roots you must learn about

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For many centuries, we’ve been benefiting from the power of plants for various reasons. Indeed, nature is filled with small surprises that can have beneficial effects on our well-being. Let’s dig a little to find out more about ginger, thyme and basil and discover their multiple incredible virtues.

  • Ginger

Adopted around the world, notably in traditional medicine, the benefits of this root are endless.

A natural anti-inflammatory

Ginger is a key ingredient to control fever and flu-like symptoms naturally. This plant contains rhizome, which even attenuates arthritis pain.


A small ginger intake stimulates digestive enzymes. The root is then ideal, after a copious meal, because it accelerates digestion and diminishes uncomfortable bloating.

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  • Thyme 

This ingredient was once used to purify home during the time of ancient Grece. Today, we still much appreciate this herb for its aroma, but also its benefits.

Clear the respitory

Thyme extract is an excellent natural remedy to calm a cough and to clear respiratory tracks when you suffer from bronchitis. 


This herb is well-known to bring a relaxing effect on people suffering from anxiety, mainly due to carvacrol presence.

  • Basil

Well-known for its particular aroma that elevates our meals, basil holds a few unknown virtues.


It is a powerful antioxidant that acts on the immune system by protecting it from free radicals.

Full of vitamins and minerals 

Its leaves are filled with vitamins and minerals. With its essential vitamins, such as K, A and C, as well as calcium and iron, basil is more than beneficial for bone development.