5 great reasons to eat local

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“Buy local,” we can definitely tell that this saying is on everyone’s lips, especially during the last few months. So, why should you prioritize local food instead of food originating from elsewhere? Here are five reasons to explore our regional products and add them to your dinner table.

  • For our planet

Transporting food originating from other countries produces an enormous quantity of greenhouse gases. By prioritizing food that travelled fewer miles, we then reduce our environmental footprint significantly.

  • For more flavours

Quebec’s local food is fresher and so much tastier! Our fruits and vegetables are harvested when ripe, when in season, and that is why they are full of flavours.

  • For supporting the local economy

Particularly this year, Quebec businesses need our support in order to go on with their production. Choosing food harvested in Quebec is also helping people from here, our neighbours, so they can continue to offer us quality products.

  • For connecting with producers

Rediscover the human aspect behind what’s on your plate. By opting for local products, you’ll not only acknowledge the farmer’s hard work, but it will also allow you to connect with them if you ever get the chance to buy directly from the market or the farm.

  • For more nutrients

Eating local is good for our taste buds, but more so for our health! The fresher food is, the richer in nutrients. To plan your menus and benefit from the best of every local food, consult a seasonal fruit and vegetable calendar.

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In short, have fun trying, exploring and tasting food available on our beautiful territory. We guarantee you that you’ll feel all the benefits related to your choice!

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