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Picture your Holidays

Published on 26 November 2020

Your book, your way

What better way to close off this year than by making your very own book of drawings, or storybook. You’re sure to create smiles and laughs for loved one!

Nothing could be simpler! (no editing, no software required here)

Grab some paper and pencils, and have fun!

Send the result to local company Tuta & Coco:
Here are some ideas to get your creative project going:

      Get everyone to work, artists or amateurs, each will bring their own perspective to represent your clan.
      If you feel like it, choose a theme (comic book look, journalistic style, fairy tale… or a wild mix, go crazy!)
      You could also simply make an album filled with fun details. Spend some time with the family, ask everyone to make a nice list of their favorite things (my song of the year, my cult movie, top comfort meal, etc.)
      Or tell the story of this very peculiar Holiday for your family!

Telling yourself (awesome) stories

A little like a time capsule, this book will be an investment for posterity!

There is no doubt that this compilation of original work will become a living-room-table classic, and a handy reference for those who have had the honor to participate.

Have fun drawing your story and writing down your funniest anecdotes!
Oasis wishes you loads of family fun and sweet moments!