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Enjoying the Holidays

Published on 15 December 2017

Thinking about the Holidays is imagining oneself to be finally on vacation, thinking about spending good times with family, getting a well deserved break and seeing the magic of Christmas shining in the  eyes of children. But, what really happens is you suddenly realize you’re halfway through December and   you’re  panicking just thinking of everything that still needs to done and planned.

No worries, we have detailed a short 10 point checklist  to help you get organized and enjoy the Holidays as much as possible.

  1. Determine a budget for your gifts and target the people to whom you want to give something this year. Then find original gift ideas that respect the amount determined.
  2. Plan your Holiday agenda well to avoid scheduling conflicts. You think it’s easy, but it’s one party after another, and if you happen to be a blended family, planning can quickly become complicated.
  3. Think about the menu. What will you be bringing when you go over to cousin Denis’ home? Or are you entertaining? What will you be serving your guests? Tip: Make small simple dishes that don’t require a lot of time to prepare and serve! If you want to impress your guests by cooking something out of the ordinary, make sure you make it at least once beforehand.
  4. Stock up on wine/alcohol/sparkling water and don’t forget beverages for the children. That way, you will not be running to the store before each party.
  5. Send your Christmas cards to friends and family. E-cards can save you a huge amount of time!
  6. Think of wrapping your gifts, not December 23, but right after each one is purchased!
  7. Decide beforehand what you will be wearing at the different parties you will attend. Also, plan the children’s outfits.
  8. Thinking about visiting relatives who live a few hours away by car? Going on a little getaway  at the hotel? If that’s the case, print your itinerary beforehand and reserve your hotel as soon as possible. If your thinking of staying for more than two days, we recommend that you make a checklist only for this escapade.
  9. Think about inexpensive activities that you could do near your home with your family. Go sledding, visit a museum, drink a good hot chocolate in.
  10. Plan rest time. Yes, write in your agenda some time for yourself! Get a good book or indulge in yoga sessions. Do something that makes you feel good : something that we often put off until later. Do it, you’ll be thankful you did.

On that note, we wish you pleasure, happiness, joy, love and time to unwind for you and your loved one! ! Don’t forget, being organized is the key for successful Holidays! Season’s greetings!