Take up the lunch box challenge!

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Ahh, the lunch box… who knew this would be one of parenting’s greatest challenges?

A common scenario in many families…

  • We begin with the best intentions (our impressive Pinterest boards can attest to this)
  • We try out a few recipes that are both nutritious and oh-so-cute (and, often, way too time-consuming)
  • After a long sigh, we fall back into the ol’ sandwich routine…

Let’s face it, making varied, nutritious and mouth-watering lunches EVERY SINGLE day … is just… so time-consuming and exhausting! We get it.

 So, to help the “home chef” who’s been assigned this important, yet tedious and repetitive task, we offer you 2 simple tricks and 1 no-fuss nutritious recipe.

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Lunch Box Trick # 1 :

Need a fruit and veggie boost?

A cut apple has 1000 times more chances of being eaten than a whole apple! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out 😉

But, come lunch time, that cut, browning apple will not be very appetizing! Sure, adding lemon juice prevents it from going brown, but to many, the sour taste is a turn off. The solution? In a sealable container, add a bit of Oasis Orange juice to the lemon juice and the apple slices, close the container and mix gently. Voilà!

Pretty and yummy apple slices!

 Bonus : With countless apple varieties out there, you’re sure to find a locally grown variety that appeals to your kids and that’s low-priced to boot!

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Lunch Box Trick # 2 :

Maximize the precious lunch box space!

Place a 200 mL drinking box in the freezer overnight. By the next day, not only will it keep the food in the lunch box cool, but by lunchtime, it’ll be ready to drink! Why not try Oasis Hydrafruit, it’s delicious and it contains 60% fewer calories than regular fruit juice blends!

We wish you a smooth back-to-school transition!

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