Parenting: it’s teamwork!

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Welcoming a new baby: emotion and new commitments!

Here are some tips to help support your better half (and your new bundle of joy) so that the entire family can stay healthy and happy!

The secret is support
Here are 5 small actions that will be greatly appreciated:

Take on the daily routine
While it’s important to be present for your little one, it is inescapably beneficial for your family’s physical and mental health that you take on the daily chores and meals. (BTW… don’t forget the other kids!) 

Jump in!
Whether planned or spontaneous, taking turns is always an excellent strategy. Don’t be afraid to jump into the action; prepare the baby bottles, change diapers, have a rocking chair marathon or simply carefully oversee. 

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Take care of your better half (not just your little one)
At a time when your little bundle is often the center of attention, offer your partner a massage, to prepare a bath, or a good book to read while you put baby to sleep. (Another, not so well-kept secret… love is all about the little things).

When in doubt, offer!
Sometimes, when unsure, we tend to freeze – think deer-in-the-headlights. Why not just say: “Can I help?” Maybe, your partner simply didn’t dare ask!

Just be there, it’s that simple
Moral support, listening… these are priceless. Sometimes, just being there, ready to take over, is all it takes.

Every parent’s greatest fear

The Temper Tantrum.
Yes. Chances are you will end up with an angry baby at one point. We get it, it’s scary. When your baby is fussing, even though everything checks out in terms of diaper, feeding, blankie, soother, etc., move into solution mode!

A proven trick: find the right background noise.

Strange, but true: many babies have a preferred distraction, a monotone sound that reassures them. So, when the sound of your soothing voice, is not soothing baby at all, consider the sound of:

  • the range hood fan
  • the bathroom fan
  • a hairdryer
  • running tap water
  • or simply try music to change the mood… soon you’ll discover your offspring’s favourite music!

Ou mettez simplement de la musique pour changer l’ambiance… à vous de trouver le style musical de votre progéniture.

Background noise – not your baby’s thing?
Try different lighting or move to another room. Sometimes, a change of scenery can bring back baby’s calmness (and yours as well)! 

Regardless of the craziness, be thankful

Because the best advice we can give you (one that has been passed on from generation to generation) is to make the most of this time! Stare at your baby, make a mental note of that little face, appreciate this magical moment and discover the pure happiness of living it fully.