Create your very own backyard Oasis!

Category: Lifestyle

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Feeling good at home means learning how to prepare a few simple things just for you, little things that’ll make all the difference, such as:

oasis cour 03

Prepare lots of ice cubes (even better, why not make them  “fancy”, by adding  seasonal fruit to them… ? “Hello beautiful blueberries!”) You’ll soak in so much more of what summer has to offer— in the comfort of your yard—with a delicious drink in hand.

oasis cour 02

Set up a reading  or relaxation nook… a comfy chair, a parasol, and some plants to liven up the space. Happiness is in the little things.

oasis cour

Bring out the water toys for the little ones! (THESE are the key to the “survival” part of the plan. Without them, don’t even “think” about relaxing with a cocktail.

*No water toys? No big deal, we’ll manage…! A spray bottle, a big sun hat and a well-chilled cocktail, now zone into movie-star mode, put on some tropical tunes  and chilllllll.

Homemade well-being – Have fun, create your own Oasis!