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Hydrafruit: 100% Refreshing

Published on 24 February 2016

Oasis Hydrafruit Lemon Iced Tea Prisma tetra 960 MLAn Innovation To Discover

With our usual hot summer ahead, Oasis innovates and introduces a brand new product line: Hydrafruit. Bursting with great taste, these sunny beverages cleverly combine natural spring water and fruit juice to help you stay hydrated while limiting calories. With 60% fewer calories than regular fruit juice blends, these thirst-quenching beverages are an excellent source of Vitamin C and contain only 50% calories per 250 mL serving. Who could ask for more? With no added sugar or sweetener, as well as no artificial flavour or colour, Hydrafruit provides delicious refreshment in keeping with our promise to be pure.

A Year-long Pleasure

Formulated to thrill young and old, three exquisite flavours will be available, namely Watermelon Apple, Fruit Fusion, and Lemon Iced Tea (Caffeine-free), in handy 960 mL size and 8×200 mL packs tailor-made for all occasions. By the pool, riding in a sleigh or packed in the lunchbox, Hydrafruit promises to be the ideal partner, in summer and winter alike.

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