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A taste infusion to satisfy body and soul

Published on 10 March 2017

Indulge your taste for life with new Oasis Infusion! Made with herbs, flowers and spices deliciously cold infused in water, plus 35% real fruit juice, Oasis Infusion helps to keep you hydrated all day long. This exciting new alternative is of course formulated with absolutely no added sugar or sweetener.

With only 50 calories per serving, Oasis Infusion is available in convenient single-serve 355 mL bottles and 3 select flavours matching today’s tastes: Cucumber-Lime-Mint, Strawberry-Hibiscus-Basil and Tangerine-Lemon-Thyme. Each exclusive combo delivers fresh fruit, flower and fine herb taste in every drop. The hydration solution that meets your every need, thirst-quenching Oasis Infusion is made with real, simple ingredients guaranteed to refresh body and mind!

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