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Glow with this yoga and pilates routine

Published on 12 August 2020


This workout is just what the doctor ordered—low impact on your joints, but MAJOR impact on your muscles and your mood!

Add this super simple routine to your repertoire—no equipment required, provides a ton of benefits!

*Get even more out of this routine: Contract the targeted muscles for 2 seconds. Bonus points if you keep these muscles in mind while holding the pose perfectly—it’s proven that this promotes the development of muscle fibers!

  1. 10 X Birddog (5 on each side)
  2. 10 X Bridge
  3. 3 X Boat pose (3 X 10 sec.)
  4. 10 X Mountain climbers (slow or fast, it’s just as effective)

Not enough cardio for you? Do the Mountain climbers faster and faster, or add 5 burpees between each exercise. 😉

Do one set of this routine as a pre-walk or pre-bike ride activation r e, or do 3 or 4 sets for a quick workout.

After all that work, you deserve to cool off!