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Cocooning, with a purpose

Published on 26 November 2020

Taking it easy, while preserving good habits

When you feel like taking things down a few notches, giving yourself a break from your training routine – without giving up entirely – is not only healthy, it’s super important!

So what to do when our body is telling us to slow down?
First, accept that it’s absolutely ok!

Then, think: stretching, core work and walking!


Whether it’s simply stretching out on the floor, or doing a Sun Salutation yoga routine on YouTube; stretching, even just for a few minutes, will do you a lot of good!

But is it worth stretching if I haven’t even trained yet?

The optimal moment for doing static stretching in order to improve flexibility is during rest days with prior activation (light jogging, jumping jacks, running in place, etc.)

Core (abs + back)!

This may not be the best time for navel-gazing or for obsessing over our waistline (enjoy cookie season!), but thinking about our posture and the health of our spine, is a year-round thing!

Here’s a core exercise that requires no equipment :

Side plank
With your body well aligned, lean on your forearm and the side of your foot (or, if it’s too intense, on your bent knee)
Depending on your strength, hold this position 15 sec., 20 sec., 30 sec., etc. And switch sides!


Walks … really?
Yes, totally! Here’s why:)

Walking regularly has a direct effect on the body:

      Reduced risk of heart disease and stroke
      Lower blood pressure
      Lower cholesterol level
      Increased bone density, and therefore helps prevent osteoporosis
      Alleviation of the consequences of osteoarthritis
      Relief of back pain
      Reduced risk of injury (when our joints have a better range of motion and our muscles are more flexible, we get injured less often 🙂

Regular walking also improves general health and longevity!

So, moving is good, but taking it easy is also really good. Breaks, they’re healthy!

According to the report of the Director of the United States Department of Health, people that walk often are living longer and they have a better quality of life.