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A birthday party in 2020? We’ve got you.

Published on 25 September 2020

Celebrating our little ones like never before

Since gatherings are not what they used to be, let’s take this opportunity to celebrate differently. Go with the flow, and with what our kids truly want!

If the only thing that matters is the BFF: Why not send a VIP invite to that lucky friend from the school’s class bubble.

If Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle and Auntie just HAVE to be there… Why not pay a visit to a few lucky members of the family, or have some people over in small groups to avoid having too many guests over at the same time.

If the real fun is in those small but meaningful moments: Preparing several little gestures and occasions instead of one big party can really make a big impact. A special brunch, an outing to the movies, or a special dinner where anything goes and it’s “all-you-can-drink-juice in front of the TV”!

Just like in the good old days

To celebrate your lil’ one’s big day like never before, ask friends and family to send birthday cards in the mail. No matter how old your child is, this timeless tradition is sure to make them smile.

A meaningful celebration doesn’t always add up to complicated planning. Simplicity is so sweet 🙂