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8 Inspiring Runners to Follow on Social Media

Published on 14 October 2015

If you’re considering taking up running or if you need a little extra motivation to keep going, you’ll find inspiration by following these runners on social media.

Lanni Marchant

Source : Twitter

The current Canadian record holder in the marathon and half-marathon, Lanni Marchant also has a law degree. At the age of 31, she’s the third-fastest Canadian woman in the 10,000-metre run.

What inspires us: Her ambition and her motto: “I am the master of my destiny.”

Facebook: LanniRunner
Twitter: @LJM5252
Instagram: @lannimarchant

Noel Paine

Source : Twitter

This #runningdad takes his passion for writing to social media, gleefully reporting on his day-to-day life as a father and a runner. He also has a blog on the Canadian Running magazine website.

What inspires us: His self-deprecating humour and his man’s-eye-view of balancing running and family life.

Facebook: Runningwriter
Twitter: @noelpaine

Kyle Den Bak

Source : Instagram

A vegan and runner, Kyle Den Bak is one of the associates behind the website Plantkind. He advocates an approach to sport nutrition that focuses on a vegan diet, going against the current of the paleo movement.

What inspires us: His alternative vision of sport nutrition. And his delicious-looking photos!

Instagram: @edenbak
Twitter: @kdenbak

Fawn Dorr

Source : Twitter

Recognizable for her incredible platinum hairstyles as much as her outspokenness, Fawn Dorr is also one of Canada’s best female runners in the 400-metre hurdles—and a fashionista.

What inspires us: Her bluntness, her boldness and her original style.

Twitter: @fawndorr
Instagram: @fawndorr

Jessica Kuepfer

Source : Twitter

This coffeeholic ultramarathon athlete looks at running from the point of view of self-esteem and self-acceptance. What helps her get through a difficult race? Thinking of the battle her sister has been waging against anorexia since the age of nine.

What inspires us: Her positive outlook and her ability to use running to feel more comfortable in her own skin and in her mind.

Facebook: LacesAndLattes
Twitter: @lacesandlattes
Instagram: @lacesandlattes

Jean-Paul Bédard

Source : Twitter

A survivor of sexual abuse, drug problems and mental health issues, Jean-Paul Bédard has participated in over 100 marathons and ultramarathons. In addition to writing a blog with half a million followers, he uses running to fight his demons and to raise funds for the causes that are special to him.

What inspires us: His strength and resilience.

Twitter: @runjprun
Instagram: @runjprun

Joan Roch

Source : Twitter

This MEC brand ambassador is also a blogger, speaker, trainer and writer. An ultramarathoner, he is known for keeping his equipment use to a minimum. You can follow the tale of his races on his blog.

What inspires us: His simple and accessible outlook on running.

Facebook: aalkab.oolak
Twitter: @j0anr0ch
Vimeo: j0anr0ch
Instagram: @j0anr0ch

Christa Davidson

Source : Twitter

Since 2011, running has been the perfect outlet for this athlete and mother of two, who is currently celebrating four years of sobriety. On top of writing her blog, she is also a columnist for iRun magazine.

What inspires us: Her courage and determination.

Twitter: @christadavidson
Instagram: @christadavidson

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