HydraFruit lemonade

Category: Mocktails

Category: Rum

Category: Vodka

cocktails glacées à base de jus oasis

5 mins



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Oasis Hydrafruit Fruit fusion

Desired amount of lemon juice

Plenty of ice

Citrus slices

Decorate with blackberries, strawberries or whatever inspires you!

And because it's always reassuring to know what you're really consuming; know that Oasis HydraFruit is a healthy choice without sugar, artificial sweeteners or added stevia, which provides 60% less sugar than the best-selling regular fruit juices!


  1. Combine all the ingredients in a pitcher and decorate with the fruits that inspires you!


Try this basic recipe!

  1. A large glass filled with ice cubes and sliced ​​fruit
  2. 1.5 oz of alcohol (vodka or rum)
  3. Lemon juice to taste (1 tsp or more)
  4. Oasis HydraFruit to fill your glass



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