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How to Shine this Holiday Season

Published on 22 December 2017

The holiday season is a time of joy, magic, love, celebration and simple pleasures shared with family and friends. However, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed or even to get sick. Here are few tips so you can really enjoy the holidays.

Putting yourself first

Kindness, helping others and sharing. These are all part of what Christmas is about, right? You get involved in several charities, volunteer for the Grande Guignolée des Médias, offer to organize your youngest son’s hockey team holiday party, on top of being a spokesperson for the Noël du pauvre. The result: by the time Christmas comes around, you feel run down and you have no energy left to enjoy some well-deserved time with your family.

Learning to say NO, choosing one or two causes dear to your heart and setting priorities are all essential things to remain in balance.

Too much of a good thing

You want you kids to have THE most magical time ever! You bring them to every single activity available in town: Santa’s parade, a visit to the museum, a tour of the Christmas market. You buy them an advent calendar, bake some cookies as a family, etc. As a result, they get overtired, cranky and test your patience. Kids need time to rest as much as we do. It’s a good idea to cut down on outings and sugar, so you can start the holidays on the right note. If they are rested, your time together will be more enjoyable.

The good old days

You feel nostalgic thinking of the « good old days » and decide you want things to be as perfect as they were at Grandma’s. You remember how she used to prepare everything from scratch, from the meat pies, to the cookies and the hors- d’oeuvres. If she did it, you can do it to! We know you can, but is it really worth it? Would you rather spend hours in the kitchen, or with loved ones? Why not make your favorite recipe? The one everybody loves and that you are comfortable cooking. That way, you can enjoy the party and concentrate on what’s important: family.

Picture perfect

You want to send the ultimate Christmas card, with the entire family looking fabulous. You spend a fortune on outfits, hire a photographer, ask everyone to smile for that perfect picture. Then come the bills and you spend the holidays worrying about money. You don’t need to spend much to have a good time! To stay on budget, avoid impulse buying and establish priorities ahead of time.

Don’t overindulge!

Grandma’s cupcakes are sooo delicious! So is the wine, your favorite kind. Of course, we all indulge a bit more than usual during the holidays, but be careful not to OVERrindulge! You might have regrets the next day and you don’t want a stomach ache to keep you from going to that great party you’ve been waiting for. We suggest you drink lots of water and  limit your alcohol consumption. As for all the goodies, taste a few and then stay away from that table! 😉

Be a good guest

Still mad at your cousin over what she said last year? Family reunions, especially during the holidays, are not the time to deal with past disputes. Bringing up old quarrels is pointless and will only make everyone feel uncomfortable. We suggest you concentrate on pleasant conversations and stay courteous and polite. After all, Christmas is for sharing love and joy. Don’t hold a grudge and enjoy those precious moments!

We hope our simple tips will be useful. Have a happy holiday season and don’t forget: What is essential is invisible to the eye. Peace, love and joy!