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4 healthy popsicle recipes

Published on 31 July 2015

Here are 4 homemade popsicle recipes, made with Oasis juices or smoothies. Simple, healthy and refreshing treats!

Green Popsicles

green popsicle vert

Oasis Greenergy Smoothie or homemade smoothie

1. Fill popsicle moulds three-quarters full with smoothie.
2. Freeze at least 4 hours.
3. Enjoy.

Tip: You need to reuse your popsicle moulds but some frozen treats have yet to be enjoyed by all? Simply remove them from the mould, wrap them individually in waxed paper, and store them in a large freezer bag. Your moulds are now ready to welcome new frozen sweets!

Smoothie & Yoghurt Popsicles


Oasis Strawberry-banana Smoothie or homemade smoothie
Vanilla yoghurt

1. Fill popsicle moulds three-quarters full with smoothie.
2. Freeze for 30 minutes or so, until smoothie is firm but not fully frozen.
3. Add yoghurt to the moulds, leaving 5 mm (¼ in) free at the top.
4. Return to freezer for 4 hours or so.
5. Enjoy!

Tip: Most ingredients (and airy smoothies even more) expand when frozen. To avoid overflowing, always allow enough free space at the top of the moulds.

Low Calorie Fruit Popsicles


Oasis Nutrisource 40 calories Cranberry (sweetened with Stevia) or other fruit juice
Fruits (berries or sliced fruits)

1. Arrange fruits inside popsicle moulds.
2. Pour enough cranberry juice to cover them.
3. Insert popsicle sticks in moulds.
4. Freeze at least 4 hours.

Tip: You don’t use commercial popsicle moulds? Here’s how to ensure your popsicle sticks remain centered while freezing: once moulds are full, cover the top with aluminum foil, cut a small slit in the center of each, then insert the sticks. This way, they will stay in place until it’s time to serve and enjoy!

Two-colour Popsicles


Oasis Health Break Antioxia Concord Grape
Oasis Health Break 10 Fruits
(or other combination of different colour juices)

1. Half-fill popsicle moulds with first fruit juice.
2. Freeze 30 minutes or so, or until top is frozen but not fully hardened.
3. Remove from freezer and insert popsicle sticks.
4. Return to freezer until first layer is hard.
5. Pour other layer of fruit juice on top.
6. Freeze until fully set.

Tip: To achieve separate layers, it’s important to wait until each one is fully frozen before adding another. It’s also good to know that when making layers, similar liquids (like multiple fruit juices for example) will give better results than   ingredients with different textures (like juice and ice cream for example).

Thank you to Amélie Frédérick, Photographer for the images.