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National drowning Prevention week

Published on 22 July 2013

A cause that deserves your attention!

During the construction holidays in July, the Quebec Lifesaving Society has organized a National Drowning Prevention Week to help teach young and old about the potential risks associated with water.

Oasis has always cared passionately about families and supports an active lifestyle including sporting activities. Our team is particularly dedicated to promoting safety and keeping kids safe. That’s why we are honoured to help the Quebec Lifesaving Society in its efforts to raise awareness with National Drowning Prevention Week.

As part of this effort, we have donated more than 1,000 lifejackets to some 100 towns across Quebec. These lifejackets will be distributed during informational activities planned around National Drowning Prevention Week.

Together, we can make a difference! Join us in helping put an end to drowning tragedies!