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Carbsmart Health Break: All-In-One Goodness

Published on 24 February 2016

Carb consumption reinvented

Oasis Health Break innovates once more with the launch of CarbSmart Health Break and its eye-opening Sunshine Blend flavour. This delicious lower-calorie, lower-sugar* fruit mix provides multiple health benefits including added fibre. With no compromise on taste of course! CarbSmart is the smart way to control carb consumption and a tasty alternative to regular juices.

Oasis Health Break Sunshine Blend CarbSmart Gable rex 1.65 lt

A better juice for you

The health benefits of Oasis Health Break beverages are key. CarbSmart contains 40% fewer calories than the leading regular juices, while providing a full fruit serving in every 250 mL glass. A high source of fibre with 4 g per portion, a glass of Oasis Health Break also provides a good source of Vitamins B and C. While delicious, this fruit beverage comes with no added sugar or sweetener, another distinct advantage.

Why is this juice so different from others?

Oasis Health Break CarbSmart contains less sugar, thereby helping to reduce carb intake. Lower carb absorption results in lower blood sugar impact to the body, which also contributes to limit insulin production. This beverage contains less carbs from sugar and more carbs from fibre as compared to the leading fruit juice blends. Since there’s less sugar in CarbSmart, there’s lower glycemic impact to the body, making it the wise choice for you.

*When compared to regular juice

Learn more about all the goodness of Health Break CarbSmart.