The most helpful applications to relax

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In the midst of this technology era, it is easy to spend long hours in front of our phone screen without realizing it. However, digital technology can be beneficial for many with various accessible tools that can help our well-being. Here are our app recommendations that may help you relax a little.

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  • Headspace

Headspace approach is really interesting for people that never tried meditation before. In an effortless way, the narrator explains the foundation of this practice to understand better how to train your mind, step by step.

Before getting into meditation, we suggest taking a look at the expert tips beautifully illustrated in the “assistance and techniques” section.

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  • Calm

If you wish to relax, better your sleep or meditate, you’re in good hands with Calm. Besides helping center yourself with many guided meditations, you can also track your mood by filling a daily journal.

To access the full content, you obviously have to go for the premium version of the app. However, sleep stories are so worth it, especially if you experience insomnia.

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  • Colorfy

Following adult colouring books, Colorfy is an application that allows you to colour directly from your phone. Flowers, mandalas, animals and many other images are available in their library, combining creativity and relaxation.

When you get the hang of it, we suggest you create your own mandalas in the “create” section and then colour them yourself!

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  • Pzziz

Minimalistic and designed to allow restorative sleep, Pzziz platform will make you feel energized and less stressed throughout the day. The app also offers the “focus” option, which helps better your concentration when working or simply acts as a support during your meditation.

If you wish to escape in nature for a short nap, we recommend the “waterfall” playlist.

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  • Terrarium 

Not a fan of meditation? No problem, clear your mind with this light, easy game, which consists of taking care of virtual plants. Ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a green thumb, in a few clicks, you’ll be able to water your plant shelf and change its layout. The healthier your plants are, the more points you are making and can access new varieties for your garden.

Regularly taking a moment for yourself helps the mind and body in various ways. We encourage you to dedicate 15 minutes everyday to something that makes you feel good, whether it’s moving, meditating or creating a better space for yourself.