How to find the motivation to work out during confinement

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Although we have a seemingly endless amount of time while confined to our living spaces, the hardest thing to find is the motivation to do anything with it! Even with our social media platforms endlessly encouraging “quick and easy” at-home workouts, we find ourselves asking, why work out when it is so comfortable on our couch? Why move from under your safe, warm blanket?

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Well; here is why!

 You will feel way safer if you feel fit and strong! Boost your immune system, get your blood flowing and pump up those endorphins!  You will feel alive again, just when you need it. There is no greater feeling than the feeling of accomplishment after a great workout. Not to mention, with that physical push, comes the psychological bonus of a job well done! Whether it’s finishing that last minute of jogging or the last push up of the day, it’ll be worth it once you’re saying “Heck yeah, I did it!”

Whether you are a young adult trying to stay in shape, a parent trying to lead by example or someone who is just trying to move their bodies, there is a fun acronym you can use to help find that motivation, LIFT-OFF! :

L – Listen. Listen to your body and breathe! Get up and start slow. Stretch your body starting from your head, neck, back all the way to your feet!

I – Initiate! Don’t go at it alone! Initiate interactions with family members or significant others and get after it together, more power (and fun!) in numbers!

F – Fun! Always, always, always make it fun for everyone. Plan out what you want to do together so everyone enjoys the activity. Let the kids create an obstacle course or choose someone to be the leader of the day, changing over the course of the week, so everyone gets a chance.

T – Talk. Plan, talk, organize and prioritize. Your health and the Well-being of your family should be held to the highest of importance during this time. Make sure you’re using positive talk both to yourself and others, encouraging getting active. Plan ahead so it can be organized and can’t be pushed aside!

O – Outdoors. If the day is nice, take it to a park or your front yard! As the weather gets nicer and the sun shines brighter, there is no better opportunity to get out of the house (at a safe distance!) and soak up some vitamin D while you sweat it out!

F – Functional. Know your limits and work within it. Use what you have in your house and the space that you are working with to ensure that your workouts are functional for both your body and your workout space!

F – (no more) Fatigue! Fight off the Fatigue. A workout will wake you right up and help you be more productive with your day once your blood starts moving. Remember this and put in the groundwork for a productive day right from the start.