Eating before a race

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Good nutrition is essential for all athletes. Below is some useful information that will help you prepare your meals while training for your race.  Carbohydrates are a key nutritional element and should be on your menu before and after training.  Here are a few complex carbohydrates of choice: pasta, homemade muffins, cereal, bread, rice and legumes.

If you eat three or four hours before training, eat a full meal but limit the amount of fiber and fat. A good meal for example is a pasta and tuna salad with a glass of milk and a piece of fruit.

If you eat two hours before training, a better choice is a small yogurt with a homemade muffin and a piece of fruit.  If however you eat just one hour before training, a muffin and a piece of fruit are sufficient. Finally, if you eat just 30 minutes before training, your best option is a piece of fruit, some fruit juice, a granola bar or a sports drink.

Also, remember to stay hydrated. On the big day, you should eat your last meal at last meal at three hours before the race. While waiting for the race to start, it’s a good idea to drink some watered down fruit juice and snack on some dried fruit or a granola bar.

Finally, don’t forget the importance of recuperating after your race. You should drink water and eat a well-balanced meal. For example, whole wheat pasta with a lentil and tomato sauce, broccoli and lettuce.

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