5 stretches and their benefits

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The benefits of stretching go beyond better flexibility. It is also an excellent way to improve your posture, lower stress and avoid injuries. Here are five stretches you should try!

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  • Buttock muscles: the needle’s eye

This position allows the stretching of the hips and buttocks. While lying down, the needle’s eye is ideal before bed and can be executed directly on your mattress. Up, you’ll reinforce the ankle’s stabilizing muscles.


  1. Place your ankle on your opposite thigh, so that your legs form into the number 4.
  2. Fold the supporting legs and lean the hips towards the back so you can feel the stretching of your buttocks and hips.

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  • Stretching of the quadriceps after training

Highly recommended in certain sports like biking or running, the quadriceps should be stretched out regularly after any effort for a better recovery. This exercise stretches the psoas as well, which can help avoid a possible hip or pelvis inflammation.

Execution :

  1. Start with your two feet well anchored on the floor, at the same distance as your hips.
  2. Bring one of your heels towards your buttock.
  3. Maintain your two knees aligned while contracting the buttocks muscles to stretch out the front of the thigh.

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  • Activate the legs with dynamic stretches

The difference between the other stretching poses and this one lies in the fact that you have to remain in motion. Designed to increase body temperature and prepare the muscles for future effort, this category of stretches must be executed before your training. Not only will it improve your performance, but it will also lower your risk of injuries.

Execution :

Execute this movement streak to warm up all parts of the legs.

  1. One leg at a time, swing from front to back with a maximum of amplitude.
  2. For 30 seconds, run with the knees as high as possible.
  3. For 30 seconds, run while touching your bottom with your heels.
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  • Pectoral on a wall to loosen up the shoulders

This simple pectoral stretch makes all the difference for the posture at work or home, often neglected when in front of a computer.

Besides straightening the shoulders, it allows us to let go of many tensions.

Execution :

  1. Stand beside a wall and form a 90 degrees angle with an arm.
  2. Push the body forward and keep the position for 15 seconds.

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  • Spinal flexion

Wake up feeling great with this spinal flexion. To discover more exercises you can execute in the morning, head over to Eve’s energizing morning yoga routine.

Execution : 

  1. Raise your arms over the head.
  2. Put your hands together while pushing towards the sky.

Make sure you adapt your stretches based on your activities and listen to your body first and foremost.