5 easy ways to integrate sport into your daily life

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For many, sport is the solution to feeling good in their body and mind. In the context of the Infusion challenge, in which we invite you guys to integrate 15 minutes of well-being into your daily life, we listed five suggestions to try in order to stay active even when your schedule is a little crazy!

  • Active transit

Kill two birds with one stone by opting for physical activities when getting places. In the city, it is common that using your bike instead of public transportation or your car will take you a shorter amount of time. Unpack your sneakers and walk, run or bike!

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  • Everyone outside!

Whether you’re spending time in a garden or a forest, outdoors activities usually last a little longer than only going for a jog and hold many health benefits. Beyond the energy expenditure, specialists observed that moving outside also acts as an excellent remedy to fight stress!

  • Mixing inactive and physical exercises

The point here is not to watch all seasons of Friends while running on a treadmill, but rather to think about combining sedentary activities to your physical ones! A small abs session or twenty minutes of elliptical during the opening credits of your favourite series are ideal ways to mix business with pleasure.

  • Get moving while teleworking

It is easy to extend sitting hours when working from home; that is why it is mandatory to take the time to stretch your legs. Walking while you are talking on the phone, replace your chair with a balloon or program alarms every hour to remind you to move. Not only will it help your concentration, but you’ll also feel better when you’ll spend an extended amount of time in the same position.

  • Active grocery shopping

It may seem a little mundane, but there are many ways to convert your grocery shopping into a fun, physical activity. If you can get there by walk or bike, it is a great start! If not, park your car far away from the entrance and, when getting back from the store, get an arm workout by holding the bags yourself. A few biceps flex while getting to your vehicle and the job is done, unnoticed!

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