4 shopping profiles with Oasis

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Do Black Friday your way, with your Oasis and our Four shopping profiles 

Which is yours?

Profile 1 – Oasis Orange Juice Your comforting classic

Shopping-cocooning in your PJs – Set up your coziest spot, dress in your comfiest attire, and enjoy your favorite Oasis orange juice-based cocktail. Nothing like your favorite flavours to brighten up an online shopping session.   In the privacy of your own home, treat yourself with a lovely morning cocktail.  Here’s a recipe to try out: Get it here!

Profile 2 – Oasis Smoothie 

High Intensity Interval Shopping at the mall – To make good decisions, you have to fuel your body and your mind. Oasis smoothie is perfect to accompany you during your Black Friday shopping, especially right after work, when there’s no time to lose.   Oasis Smoothie is the perfect addition to breakfast, or as a healthy snack at any time of the day.

Profile 3 – Oasis Health Break

Relaxed shopping in the beautiful little shops in the area – Savor the moment with Oasis Health Break, that also means taking the time to breathe and enjoy an energy-boosting break.Health Break is a combination of fortified, nutrient-added juices that help you take the time to slow down and savor moments just for you. 

Profile 4 – Oasis Hydrafruit 

Why not make it a family day out! – Because going on an adventure in a nearby town to do your shopping is refreshing! Don’t forget your Oasis Hydrafruit to stay hydrated. Specially formulated for everyone in your family, no matter their age, HydraFruit juices contain 60% less sugar than the best-selling regular fruit juices, and will easily lend themselves to all occasions.