3 yoga poses to start your day right

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Lack of time is usually the excuse of why we stop taking time for ourselves. However, we can experience a multitude of benefits, with only a mere 15 minute yoga session.

Wake up your mind and body with these three pose suggestions and get the much-needed energy to start your day right.

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Warrior I 

Like Eve recommends in her capsule based on an energizing yoga morning routine, it is great to favour height movements for your first practice of the day. Warrior 1 is equally excellent for waking up leg muscles and opening the hips.


  1. Stand up, place your left foot back in a split.
  2. Back up your left foot in a split position while keeping the leg tensed and turning your foot in a 45 degree angle.
  3. Look towards your fingertips.
  4. Repeat the movements on the other side.

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Lateral stretch sitting down

You don’t even have to get out of bed to perform this pose! Start your day smoothly with this movement that will allow you to stretch your neck, shoulders, back and oblique muscles.

Steps :

  1. Sit, take a deep breath and place your two arms parallel in the air.
  2. Exhale while moving your left arm over your head and by tilting your body to the right side. Put the right hand on the ground and use it to push the posture even more.
  3. Come back to the center and repeat the move with the left side.

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In addition to stretching the abs and spine, the Cobra allows us to open up the chest. If you wish to deepen this pose, try the “Sun Salutation,” a more extended chain sequence of movements, Cobra included.

Steps : 

  1. Lay down on the stomach on your mattress, legs-shoulders width apart. 
  2. Put your hands beneath your shoulders, elbows on the side of the body.
  3. Straighten your arms by pushing with your feet and raise your chest from the ground.
  4. Make sure your shoulders are pushed to the back. Maintain the pose for a few minutes.

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