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A jelly-like mass inside an Oasis juice container—Strange, wouldn’t you say? Yet this can happen if you don’t follow certain rules

Published on 6 November 2013

Mold will eventually form on preservative-free food or beverages that, once opened, come into contact with air at room temperature—it’s not surprising, that’s just nature’s way!

In this regard, did you know the analysis of juice and containers returned by consumers—upon discovery of suspicious matter, strange substances, and what not inside an Oasis juice —we find the presence of mold.

At Oasis, our extensive experience in the selection, preparation, packaging, and preservation of juices and drinks, combined with the implementation of food safety processes and practices that meet the most rigorous international standards, results in products of the highest quality.

We would like you to see how we do this. And so, here are two short videos in support of our statements.

Given that nothing can replace good practices when it comes to food and beverages, we want you to remember this:

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